jeff smith

Golfer, Tennis Player, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Consultant

Drew and Elizabeth’s Wedding


AMP_SmithqCeremony_-268 AMP_SmithReception_-600 AMP_SmithReception_-487

AMP_SmithPreparation_-155 AMP_SmithReception_-611

AMP_SmithtGuys_-640 AMP_SmithtGuys_-642

AMP_SmithqFormals_-362 AMP_SmithqFormals_-319

AMP_SmithqFormals_-380 AMP_SmithReception_-432

AMP_SmithReception_-512 AMP_SmithReception_-508AMP_SmithReception_-452 AMP_SmithqCeremony_-284

AMP_SmithqCeremony_-285 AMP_SmithqFormals_-287

Angie took this one – Miraculously, we all finished our beer at the same time!


Stole this one from Facebook (@somyrwaller)

D-E Dance

The only picture I took … the Taco Truck with Katy and Sully

Katy and Sully - Taco Truck


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