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Posted by jeff smith on April 17, 2013

Not many pictures from our trip to Amsterdam — just the following two.  Evidence that American hot dogs are popular here and a picture of the vehicle we need for the Toomerheads tailgate.  This little truck thing is hilarious.  I should have made Kristi get in the picture for some scale – the top of the vehicle is not chest-high.

Of course, we did and saw all of the other things tourists do in Amsterdam – bus tour, canal cruise, red-light district, etc.  Saw plenty of Coffee Shops, but didn’t partake — I’m  just too boring, I guess (plus had to drive to Dortmund that night :-)).


Nice tailgate wagon.


American hot dogs everywhere we looked.

The trip to Dortmund on the Autobahn was fun (once we got out of the traffic Amsterdam and between Amsterdam and the German border). Cruised up to 190 km/hr, but the seemed a bit fast, so tried to stay around 175-180 km/hr. Plenty of people passed me going much faster and we passed plenty of people who wished to go slower — seems to be a pretty high speed variance here.


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