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Golfer, Tennis Player, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Consultant

TU Delft

Posted by jeff smith on April 15, 2013

Met today (4/15/2013) with some of the simulation faculty at TU Delft ( The faculty members included:

  • Alexander Verbraeck;
  • Joseph Barjis; and
  • Mamadou Seck.

In addition, one of the PhD students in the group, Cagri Tekinay, discussed his research and showed me around campus a bit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures of the campus — only these three.  I took the first one while walking over the bridge (notice the interested colored window frames around the tops of the buildings – it seems that all of the buildings in the Faculty of Architecture had these)  The next two are inside the Department of Systems Engineering building.  One shows the nice little work areas that students use for collaboration (the look sort of like fast food restaurant booths, but have the large monitors that the students can use with their notebook computers) and the other shows a typical small classroom (kind of fishbowl-like :-)).





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