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Delft Trip

Posted by jeff smith on April 14, 2013

Here with Kristi and her sister, Beth for and extended trip to Germany, The Netherlands, and Prague. For me, it’s work in every city. For K and B, it’s just travel :-).

Had to parallel park along the canal when we first arrived in Delft. A bit nerve-wracking. I wonder how many cars go off the edge …

Parking along a canal.

Parking along a canal.

View from our front door down the street

View from our front door.

The steps in the apartment

The steps in the apartment

We’re staying in an apartment in the old town area. It seems quite nice here, but parking is quite difficult. I recommend leaving the car elsewhere and depending on public transportation. The “streets” are quite narrow and bicycles are everywhere.

The apartment is quite nice. Space is at a premium here, so they don’t waste much — especially on stairs between floors. These are the stairs from the main floor to the upper floor. We carried our bags up and down these. Just a bit tight!

Anybody up for Thai? Mexican? No problem, I have a place for you. Look … BBQ in Delft, and gourmet BBQ, at that. We didn’t try it yet, but still have two days here.

Thai/Mexican restaurant in Delft

Thai/Mexican restaurant in Delft

BBQ Restaurant in Delft

BBQ Restaurant in Delft


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